- a CoV-2 mathematics quiz -

Do you like mathematics? You can win a great gift in this quiz!

Here comes the question:

It is monday.

John wants to investigate the number of blond people in Germany.

He calls 100 people with randomly generated telephone numbers and asks them about the colour of their hair. 10 people tell hom they are blond.

The next day he does the same. Again, 10 people out of these hundred tell him they are blond.

On the third day, he calls 200 (!) people. The result is not 10 but 20 now.

He figures out that the percentage of blond people from those who have a telephone was rising linearly from monday to tuesday and even exponentially by wednesday.

He concludes that in about 20 days everybody will be blond.

Question 1: What is Johns mistake ?
Question 2: What does this have to do with CoV-2 ?

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The first 10 answers that i think are good receive a snickers (populate chocolate bar).

The answer that comes from the most distant person will receive 2 snickers.

(You can tell me your address after i have told you that you have won)

The quiz ends on the 4th of july 2020.

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