- karlas raspberry cake -


150g crunched ladyfingers
100g butter
300g philadelphia or sour cream
500ml cream
2 packages of whipped cream stabilizer
100g sugar
some gelatine
300g raspberries (deep frozen is ok)
juice of half a lemon or lime

mix crunched ladyfingers with soft butter and press it to the bottom of a springform tin.
whip the cream with the whipped cream stabilizer.
mix raspberries and philadelphia with sugar, lemon/lime juice, gelatine and raspberries (treat gelatine as specified on package)
mix this mixture with the whiped cream.
put it on the butter-ladyfinger base.
keep it in the fridge for some hours or freeze it if you want.
eat it.

"philadelphia" is a kind of cheese product made by kraft food.
if this is not available, i use schmand which is available in germany.
schmand is a bit similar to creme fraice or sour cream.
DO NOT use sour cream with herbage or salt!!! this is supposed to be a sweet cake!

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